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We can deliver products to you on our dump truck.  There is a delivery charge for this service based on your location.  Most often, we can deliver the same day of the request; however, during the spring rush, it would be helpful if you could place your order the day before the desired delivery day.  The minimum and maximum amounts per load that we deliver are as follows:

Brick Chips

4 cu. yds. MINIMUM 6 cu. yds. MAXIMUM


4 cu. yds. MINIMUM 16 cu. yds. MAXIMUM

Lava Rock

4 cu. yds. MINIMUM 12 cu. yds. MAXIMUM


4 cu. yds. MINIMUM 20 cu. yds. MAXIMUM


25 bales


4 cu. yds. MINIMUM 6 cu. yds. MAXIMUM


5 cu. yds. MINIMUM 6 cu. yds. MAXIMUM


4 cu. yds. MINIMUM 6 cu. yds. MAXIMUM

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When delivery is made, it is best that we stay on the driveway area and do not drive in the lawn area in order to avoid damage to lawns, septic systems, or irrigation systems. 


The product will be dumped in a single location.  We cannot dump part of a load in one area and part in another area. (When gravity takes over as the load is dumped, well…it takes over!) 

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